RfBee standalone power by battery


i am trying a breadboard deployment of RFBee with battery power.For this purpose I am using 2 x AA bateries and Sure Electronics power boost board (successfully getting 3.3V out)

Same thing is alternatively connected to FTDI USB board - for programming purposes.

Here are few strange things that i notice:

  • when powered by FTDI USB board all works OK and RFbee startup is immediate, RFBee works in sleep mode and I can put it in deep sleep and it wakes up without any problems
  • when powered by battery it takes RFBee at least 10 seconds to wake up, if it is in normal power mode (no standby or sleep) all works ok. But when I put it in deep sleep it never wakes up.

Only obvious difference is that with FTDI also RESET pin is connected. does it need to be connected to battery 3.3V also ?

Can someone help and explain reason for this behavior.

Picture of the setup is attached (there is control LED and 18B20 temp sensor on it)