RFBee radio crystal tolerance?

I’m trying to receive a low data-rate OOK signal in the 910-920 MHz range with an RFBee. Thus far I’m having trouble picking up the signal but I’m wondering if I’m receiving data that’s corrupt. I read a post on the TI CC1101 forums that folks were seeing corrupt data at bitrates of < 38k baud. The solution was supposedly to have an xtal with a tolerance of 10ppm. Now I’m working at 2400 or 9600 baud.

What’s the tolerance of the xtal used in the RFBee?

Also, the CC1101 datasheet suggests a 27 MHz crystal for frequencies above 869 MHz. Any thoughts on how much this could affect the bit error rate?

Thanks in advance.

The RFBee use 10ppm 26MHz XTAL. We’ve tested at the datarate of 76.8kpbs and 4.8kbps working in 868 and 915MHz, and it works well. There are some application notes of cc1101 may help your questions.


Great! 4.8kbps at 915MHz is about what I’m trying to for so in that case it should work fine.

Thanks so much for your support. I really like being able to program the RFBee as opposed to buying an XBee pro which would cost 2x as much!