RFbee frequancies

RFbee lists 868-915 as what it uses which is not a band I think is available anywhere in the world as a continuous band.

How wide are the channels? do you know what can be used in variuos parts of the world? I would be worried about it being swamped by the virtually adjacent 850 and 900MHz mobile bands.

Also can it be used like an Xbee to send its analog inputs periodically to another unit?

  1. Actually speaking, RFBee is able to be configured working at 868MHz or 915MHz, and the channel spacing is also configurable through updating firmware. And in our first version of firmware, the RFBee is configured working at 915MHz, channel spacing of 200kHz.

  2. The firmware v1.0 does not support sending its analog inputs periodically to another unit, however, it has the capability of doing that, as it integrates one Atmega168, and with I/O interface.

Ok, would be useful to get off 2.4GHz, so much crap there now that nothing works properly except for 802.11n which seems to make everything else not work properly when being used.