RFBee firmware


I have had great problem compiling RFBEE sources (version 1.1). I have rewritten the source to pure C (from arduino C++). If anyone is interested you can find my sources here:


I believe that my FW uses less ram than arduino alternative. I have also fixed few bugs, that caused reboots and/or sw failures. Feel free to test, any feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Current version compiles fine using avr-gcc, some changes to Makefile might be necessary.

How nice of you, thanks for your enthusiastic and feedback. :smiley:

Hi Michal!

You said that firmware had a few bugs that caused reboots! I build a rfbee PCB myself with a arduino 328 (3.3V, 16MHz) with a CC1101 and I am having random reboots at transmitting and/or receiving! Could you please have the kindness of explaining to me which bugs where causing your reboots?

I’m not sure if the problems are from software or hardware! Should the SPI tracks be handled with some extra care?


There were few bugs in the “low power” mode, some buffer overflow bugs. The receive function doesn’t handle one errate as described in simpliciti code. Send function caused trouble when I tried some other RF mode (some other, that is not in the table originally). I don’t have specific list of fixes, but you can try my code from the git, compile with winavr (it should work*).

New thing is use of GDO2 as event notification for the send routine to be timed correctly. One RF mode has been replaced with my custom one - to work with ezchronos 868mhz version. Other than that, the firmware is the same.

Hi Michal,

Could you please tell me, in the FW you built, have you implemented CSMA, RTS/CTS or TDMA for less packet loss and less collision b/w multiple packets?