RFBee and transmission distance


i’m connecting 2 RFBees, one via the Grove XBee Carrier (Sender), and one via a Grove Bee Socket connected to a GrovePi (Receiver).

I can transmit data, but i’m a little bit disappointed about the maximum distance between sender and receiver. I cannot get further than 5 meters (indoor). If i got further away or to a different room, i cannot receive any data.

Can this be true? Are there any configuration parameters to extend the range?


Hi friends,

The max transmit range of the RFBee is listed below:
Indoor/Urban: up to 50m
Outdoor line-of-sight: up to 120m

Maybe you can try using the AT command “PA” to increase the transmitting power, thus expanding the transmit range.
For the use of AT command,refer to the file “RFBee User Manual” listed at the bottom of the wiki page:http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=RFbee_V1.1_-_Wireless_Arduino_compatible_node



it seems, that the orientation of the antenna relative to the board is important.

if the antenna coil is parallel to the board (the orientation the bee has been shipped to me), then the transmission is bad.

i turned the coil is perpedicular to the board (like on the photos in the shop), and now i can transmit at least 10m indoor (could not test further this evening) …


Hi, yes the orientation of Antenna may hamper the transmission, not to much extent.

When I did experiment, I kept it perpendicular at both ends, with the antenna still kept in coiled form and was able to attain an outdoor Line of Sight range of ~115m which is nearly equal to the Max. range of RFBee.

I used the Max. Tx Power ATPA7 (10 dBm) and Min. Frequency 4.8 Kbps ATCF5.