RFBee 1.1 baud rate


First, sorry if do some bad grammar, not my native language. Recently i bought 2 RFBee’s, and encountered some problems with UART data corruption when interfacing with arduino micro. Thought about level shifting i used and all that stuff before i concluded, that it was really a baud rate mismatch. For example, at default 9600bps actual bps was about 9850. I know that 8mhz clock does not divide to 9600 baud exactly, more like 9615, but i guess should never be like 9850. So when i set the baud rate on arduino micro to 9850 everything was working perfectly. When setting RFBee to 38400, i was getting actual baud rate about 39500, again setting this on arduino corrected all the problems.

Arduino micro has crystal resonator at 16mhz, and it’s really stable. It gets low baud rates pretty accurate (just the division error). RFBee seems to be using internal resonator for atmega168, or am i wrong? So i guess thats the reason of inaccurate clock and UART rate? Maybe i just got defective parts, or maybe i’m doing something wrong, but again, maybe this information can help someone running into similar data corruption problems.

Good luck to everybody!