RF Transmitter/Reciever Questions


I am using the RF Transmitter/Reciever to communicate between a raspberry Pi and a raspberry Pico - my goal is rapid and frequent signal transmission. I have been able the get the transmitter to work, but I am a little confused about some of the functionality, and have questions:

  1. When I send a value with the transmitter (1111 for example), the receiver picks it up fine. However, if I then send another value (1001 for example), the receiver does not receive that new data unless I send 0000 in between each message. Is this the intended behavior, or is there some other way to do this? The guide says “Do not stay in the transmitting state for a long time. It is recommended to click to control” - does this mean “Set all data inputs to off frequently”, or does this mean “turn the power off frequently”?

  2. The receiver only seems to receive updates at around 1/4 second frequency, even when I send 0000 between each each 4bit message. This is much slower than I understand that I should be updating - how might I speed this up? Could this be because of the “Working Output Mode”?

If anyone has any advice that they can give me on this topic, I would be very appreciative.