RF Explorer v1.06 beta 01 firmware available

Hi all,

New firmware beta version is available for download. Please visit here for more info.

All RF Explorer Firmware upgrades are available for free.

Quick summary of new features listed below:

[code]=============================== Version change list ===============================

  • A new Sweep RF Generator feature is available in the RF Generator mode.
    There are options to select frequency step, number of steps and time
    each step will transmit before jumping over the next one.
    In this new mode, the RF Generator frequency is considered the start
    To transmit a single continuous wave (tone) select steps=1.
    This has been tested in 433M units only, but should work in all models.
  • Improved battery info on screen, it will show you remaining battery in some
    additional screens, including RF Generator mode.
    Battery icon has been moved to a different position in Spectrum Analyzer mode
    to reduce collision with signal display.
  • Sweep/seconds information added to Spectrum Analyzer screen.
  • Additional protection check has been added to battery status. The firmware will
    now clearly display a LOW BATTERY message on screen and shutdown MCU and RF modules
    to reduce energy consumption when lipo is reaching a 3.2V limit. This is a safety
    status where the unit can be stored many hours without shortening battery life, but
    the user is advised to power off the unit with power switch or recharge ASAP to avoid
    impact in lipo lifetime.
  • and buttons in Spectrum Analyzer mode have been modified to update
    center frequency by a 1/4 of span, not 1/2 as in previous version.
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode now has increased sensitivity up to -120dBm limit, thanks to
    finetuned management of RF section, which added about 10dBm to the dynamic range.