Revive a dead Rainbowduino

Hi, I’ve had my rainbowduino for awhile and have programmed it with my arduino Mega several times. But last week it refused to be programmed. I just get “programmer not responding” in the arduino ide. So I bought a USB FTDI cable to use and now I get the same exact error.

I’m thinking the bootloader is messed up somehow, but I don’t know how to fix that problem.

Thanks for any help,


If the bootloader is corrupt, and it does happen from time to time. You’ll need to write a new bootloader to the Rainbowduino.

From memory the Rainbowduino uses the Arduino NG Nano bootloader - but any NG should be fine.

You’ll either need a STK500 programmer (or clone) or you could use a Seeeduino to program the Raindbowduino through UART.

Thanks a lot.

Can I use an Arduino Mega to fix the bootloader?

Please find the attached zip file.
Rainbowduinos burned Arduino_2009 bootloader and fuse setting.
Please repair as the pdf shows.
Albert (233 KB)