Return values of BTBee
















Every colored string is the return value of BTBee while the black strings are the commands I send.

My problems are:

  1. I don’t receive the string “WORK:SLAVER” but just “RK:SLAVER”
  2. from master I send the string “hello”, but I receive just “hell”, now I send “abc” and get “oab”, so it seems the last character in the string stays in BTBee till a new char is sent

Is sth. wrong with my firmware or do I have a monday device? Oops I bought 2 so it must be 2 monday devices. To bad I don’t get them to work correctly :frowning:

This is my last try. Since I also have the problem that I don’t receive a semicolon between address and name of device when in master mode like it is described in “Set up connection between two BluetoothBee step by step.pdf” both my modules are neither useable in master nor in slave mode.

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Several questions to help analyzing:

  1. Did you use the Serial Terminal tool to receive the data from the BTBee?
  2. You may try to change the baudrate to a different one.
  3. Does the two modules have the same problem?


to bad I don’t get an answer from the second module anymore. Seems I’ve changed the sockets to often