Return Status, Bee Bluetooth .. Help me please !!

Hey …
I’m using Bee Bluetooth with (sscom32E.exe) it’s just like Hyperterminal …
now i’m trying to see the response of each command i’m gonna use in my project using microcontroller
BUT there is only one important command that gives me Error response, which is ( Return Starus " \r\n+RTSTA:xx\r\n " )
i guess it’s a command that reply the status of the Bluetooth… is that right !??
and did i wrote it in the right way ??? ( +RTSTA:xx ) of course \r\n before and after …
it’s the only command that didn’t work !!!
pleaaaaase help !!!

Yousef …

Hi Yousef,

Sorry to tell you that “+RTSTA” is not a command here, and it is used to demonstrate the meaning of possible return status.
However the current profile does not support returning status, that is to say you can not get the bluetooth status passively.

All the best,


Hey Icing
Thank u a lot for this information… i really appreciate it …

but i’m still looking for a way to now the status. i knew something but i don’t know if it’s correct …
i tried to keep monitoring the status of PIN ( PIO1 ) i noticed that it becomes High once a connection established ! " IS THAT RIGHT " ??? and if it is… how could i use the hardware pins to know the status ???

for example, if the Bluetooth in a Master mode, how could i know the time it need to finish inquiring, and how could i know that it finished inquiring without finding anyone ???

thank you in advance …


Hi Yousef,

Yes, you can use PIO1 to get the module status. However it only reflects two modules connected or not.
So you need to wait until one module has been searched.