reTerminal with OctoPi / OctoDash

Just a quick note about installing the OctoPi image and OctoDash on the reTerminal. I was struggling with screen rotation on my reTerminal (fw 1.8) and then I decided to go back through the driver installation script. Turns out, the OctoPi image doesn’t have Plymouth installed and THAT was causing issues with the screen rotation (or at the very least the error encountered during the script because of Plymouth not being there did). In any case, after getting OctoPi installed, just run “sudo apt install plymouth” and then run the Seeed driver script.

Hopefully this helps out someone else!

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Also finding the script looks for a handful of folders that don’t seem to exist on the OctoPi image but generally it’s for stuff like fonts and the like. I just created the empty folders as errors are encountered and the script completes properly.