reTerminal what's the point of the SD slot?

It’s a serious question but could be a lack of knowledge on my part. I’ve read the official RaspberryPi documentation and understand that the eMMC is internally connected to the SD interface and therefore the SD card can not be prioritised during boot. I also somewhat understand why this also causes the SD card to be unavailable to the OS. What I don’t understand is what’s the intent then for the SD card on the reTerminal?

I assume the official response would be something around “in case you want to use a CM4 without eMMC” but I don’t think that’s good enough. Every article and place I’ve seen this advertised states the SD slot as a feature but ships with a CM4 with eMMC making it useless (to my knowledge at this time). Do they even sell one without the CM4 eMMC?

Besides the above it’s an awesome device. Really enjoying it.

it is perhaps meant as a backup in case CM4 modules with emmc are not available. and it gives us as users the possibility to use all CM4 modules.
There annoys me more the non-functioning power button …