reTerminal user buttons not visible after upgrades


After upgrading the STM firmware to 1.8, flashing the “32-bit 2022-07-21-Raspbian-reTerminal” image, and running the dtoverlay script, the front user-defined buttons cease to work, and it’s not listed in evtest available devices.

Did I miss a step, has anyone had this issue? How to debug?

I saw the same behaviour with the latest vanilla Raspbian-lite image. My goal is to run openbox-session only and have the front buttons switch desktops (its so fast when it works)

Hi, please try to reinstall the driver

Hello Liu, thank you for your help. I have reinstalled the driver following the instructions exactly, but same result of no front buttons.

So I tried some experiments. Firmware version is latest 1.8 confirmed by running i2ctransfer -y 1 w1@0x45 0x97 r2 with response 0x01 0x08.

32bit 2022-07-21

  • Seems to contain 2022-06-19 image below

32bit 2022-06-19-Raspbian-reTerminal.img

  • Like brick, or not boot very far at all
  • attempted flashing 3 times to be certain

32bit 2021-06-02-Raspbian-reTerminal.img

  • image boots
  • front buttons work and exist as /dev/input/event0 gpio_keys
  • ran dtoverlays script, no obvious errors, rebooted
  • no front buttons
  • apt upgrade
  • still no front buttons
  • ran dtoverlays script again (to be certain), rebooted
  • still no front buttons?

32bit 2023-02-01 official raspberry pi os lite (my preferred setup)

  • image boots
  • no hardware support (as expected)
  • ran dtoverlays script, rebooted
  • hardware works but no front buttons
  • apt upgrade
  • no front buttons

I am not able to get a working configuration yet

Please try brushing in this image at
Open the evtest tool and enter 0.
Press F1.F2.F3.F4,and check their corresponding codes.
Open the config.txt and put
The specific value depends on the actual code of F1,F2,F3,F4


Yes I follow this procedure, but it’s not a good solution, because the wiki says I can use any official image and other tooling to build custom images. So that is why I bought this product, to use official Raspberry Pi image

Will there be an update to drivers please? I can use at least another 3 reTerminals if this happens! Surely I am not alone

Thank you

I tried again today from scratch, and I believe it works

The front buttons (and buzzer, LCD backlight and other things) connect to the Internal Expansion Chip MCP23008-E/PCA9554 in turn connected to the onboard STM32 microcontroller. So all this must work ok. My method…

First the eMMC was flashed with official Raspbian Lite Bullseye 64-bit image. Then dtoverlays were installed but I edit the script to not change linux kernel version.

My expansion chip is the older MCP23008, and flashed it with the latest v1.9.

Then edit /boot/config.txt to have dtoverlay=reTerminal,tp_rotate=1,addr=0x20,mcp23008,key0=0x03b,key1=0x03c,key2=0x03d,key3=0x03e

And edit /boot/cmdline.txt to append fbcon=rotate:1

Now all hardware works as expected in the demo Python scripts, front buttons are mapped to F1-F4, etc.

Why not working before? I don’t remember upgrading the microcontroller firmware (thinking it was only controlling the LCD). Also the config.txt mcp23008 is new I think.

Very happy now :partying_face: