reTerminal LCD screen occasionally will go to "sleep" and remain blank / unresponsive & requires a power cycle

Been using a pair of reTerminal units for the past few months to help develop a touchscreen GUI. One issue that I have found can occur semi-frequently is the main LCB screen going blank (as if the screen is in sleepmode) . The display is black, the touchscreen unresponsive, but you are still able to SSH into the device to send command. A manual power cycle will clear the issue and the touch screen will be visible again.

Are there any known reasons that could cause the screen to Become unresponsive? Or methods detect and then reboot the desktop if the LCD fails to load. I need the touchscreen to handle button inputs for a user interface but this becomes impossible to access once the screen fails.

Other information:
5V power is being applied from the GPIO header instead of the USB-C input.
reTerminal is being run continuously for ideally 24/7 monioring.
Temperatures are stable, even under heavy use the internal temperture reading never rises above 60 degrees C.
No issues with memory leaks - CPU usage averages 40-50%

Any assistance or ability to help me decode this issue would be appreciated.