ReTerminal - how to open the back cover?

Hi, like many others I borked my ReTerminal doing the software update and need to reflash the eMMC.

is there some trick to opening the ReTerminal? I’ve followed the wiki and removed the 4 screws under the rubber feet, but I can’t get the back cover off. I can pry all around the edges with a guitar pick and lift it up like a third of an inch or so all around… but something seems to be holding on to the cover inside and I can’t pry it up.

I don’t want to break the cover trying to get it open. The wiki makes it sound so easy. Thanks for any advice!

There only a few plastic hooks offer resistance, a little wiggling helps.

thanks! I had to get a prying tool deep in there to pop those middle hooks out. fortunately I didn’t break them. They were really stuck, on my unit.