reTerminal expansion modules?

What is the status of the expansion modules for the reTerminal? Specifically, I’m interested in a battery expansion module. Are there plans to make one? Is there a list of planned modules and when they will be available?

We have completed the research and development of the device you need, and we are still doing the final optimization. I believe it will be available for sale soon, so stay tuned.

That’s great news! I just ordered the reTerminal from Amazon and should receive it tomorrow. If there is any way I could help test out a battery expansion module, let me know. For now, I’ll keep it plugged in. Really excited to get this device tomorrow.

My reTerminal arrived today and it’s even better then expected! Lots of cool projects I plan to do with it. Even better if it was completely portable with a battery!! :slight_smile:

I seem to recall hearing that the battery module was in early production. Any updates on that?

Separate lithium battery for the battery.