reTerminal E10-1 miniPCIe Wifi adapter

I’m trying to find a PCIe wifi adapter that will work with the PCIe slot in the E10-1 expansion.

I’ve tried three different mini-PCIe cards, based on the MPE-AX3000H, 7265HMW, and Intel 7260.HMW chipsets but none of them even show up in lspci or dmesg.

I have the switch in the PCIE position.

Is there something else I need to do for the cards to be recognized? Is there a specific adapter that is known to work/supported?

For our reTerminal use case we need two wifi interfaces so I’m trying to add a second interface using the expansion.

Hi, the PCIe has been divided to USB and therefore the protocol on the PCIe now is USB protocol.

The wifi adapter as in this case will not be supported.
Hope this help you!