ReTerminal E10-1 Battery Level

Does anyone have a way of assessing the UPS battery level of the ReTerminal E10-1? Battery level is an obviously critical feature of what is supposed to be a unit with UPS functionality. In searching online I was not able to find if a current/voltage monitoring IC such as the INA219 was included in this unit.

Thank you.

Could I please request some response from the company on this topic? Thank you.

Does Seeed Studio support their products and the makers that buy and support their company? There should be a prompt response from Seeed on how to actually make the battery indicator functional.

Has anyone had any luck with getting the battery indicator to work?

not sure if this helps bur for me, running raspian 64 bit, I see /sys/class/power_supply/bq25790-battery and bq25790-charger which seems to have data about the battery and the charger, respectively. For example ‘current_now’ is zero when running on battery and some other number when charging. How to interpret, I don’t know but you may be able to deduce from the “seeed-linux-dtoverlays/modules/bq24179_charger” code and the device PDF It would be nice to have some more easy to understand docs though.