Reterminal + e10-1 audio not working

I have a Reterminal and e10-1 expansion board

I followed this link to install the original OS

After installing the OS I seed the LCD and I can login. Kernel version is 5.15.32-v7l+

I then follow this manual for the topic driver-installation

Even before installing the drivers

ls /boot/overlays/reTerminal-bridge.dtbo

already shows that this file is already available. Is it still needed to install the driver?

If I run this

sudo ./scripts/

The kernel is upgraded, in the end compilation of drivers fail.

so I use this

sudo ./scripts/ --keep-kernel

This I follow this manual

However compilation fails, it seems seeed-voicecard is not compatible with 5.15

Can Seeed provide a working OS image for the E10-1 with all the drivers installed?

You can try this wiki method of installing drivers, which will install all device drivers Getting Started with reTerminal - Seeed Wiki

I’ll try that.

I do think that Seeed should ensure that the OS images they provide on their own site work out of the box. I really don’t like buying a product and then finding out that the documentation resources are out of date. Now I have to spend lots of time tinkering with drivers/version issues :frowning:

So Seed please provide an OS image for the Reterminal + E10-1 that supports all the features inside the E10-1! Thank you!

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