ReTerminal DSI LCD and HDMI output overlap

Hi, I just got my Reterminal and the E10 expansion. When I run the LCD and hdmi simultaneously, the LCD canvas spills over into the canvas of my external HDMI monitor. It’s almost unusable since the taskbar menus get screwed up by being pushed to the HDMI screen.

Has anyone been able to use these displays simultaneously? Screen mirroring would be ideal. Thanks.

Hello, we have paid attention to this issue, please wait a moment I will test, and then give you feedback on the latest progress.

My colleague said that he did not have this problem, are you handy to take a photo to show how you are wired?

The wiring of my unit is identical. Can I ask what the settings of ARandR should be?

Also note that I was able to get it to mirror using XRandR commands (with 720p resolution on my HDMI monitor to match the ReTerminal screen), however when the device rotates it undoes the settings.

Sorry, we are using a native Raspberry Pi system (with screen drivers installed) and have not used the tool ARandR.

ARandR comes standard with the Raspberry Pi as the “Screen Configuration Tool.” I had to reinstall it as the ReTerminal and E10-1 are susceptible to random blackouts (unclear as to why), and after one of those the Screen Configuration Tool became corrupted. It sounds like reinstalling did not solve the issue so I’ll look into reimaging the ReTerminal.

I reimaged the ReTerminal with the latest 64 bit OS image you provided, and then installed the dtoverlays you provided. I’m still having the same problem, whereby the image from the DSI touchscreen overlaps onto the HDMI screen. Unlike the images you showed of your ReTerminal working in mirroring mode, the default behavior (at least of the provided instructions) of ReTerminal at present is to not be mirrored between DSI and HDMI screen. It would be great if instructions for mirroring were provided.

Something that may help troubleshoot the issue is that when my external monitor is connected after the ReTerminal is started then there will be no screen overlap and the screen canvas will be 3200x1080. However, if the HDMI is connected at time of startup then the overlap will occur, and the canvas size of screen 0 is 2640x1080.

Any response from Seeed Studio here, or is this product no longer adequately supported?

Sorry, we have been testing for some time, but there is no way to reproduce your problem, we suggest you contact our technical support email for consultation.