ReTerminal DM screen occasionally not waking up after blanking

The ReTerminal DM hardware is a perfect fit for our application but we keep running into one issue. We have screen blanking enabled and every once in a while the screen doesn’t wake up. Just this morning I did a fresh install of the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm 64bit) and did an apt update & apt upgrade. Then I installed the Seeed dtoverlays. I’m only running our PWA (Blazor) app on Chrome ( I also have SSH, VNC & screen blanking enabled). This evening it wouldn’t wake up. The back light comes on but nothing on the screen (I tapped the screen a bunch of times in a bunch of different places). After a while the backlight went back off. Then after touching the screen again, it came back on normally. We have a couple units in the field and it happens a couple times a month to those as well. SSH’ing into the device and doing a “force on” isn’t an option. If we have a thousand of these in the field, that’s an average of over 60 times a day our customers will encounter this issue. This will reflect badly on us. Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there a fix I’m not aware of? I’m desperate because this hardware is perfect for us in so many other ways. But we can’t use it with this issue.