ReTerminal DM PWM

I want to use the internal GPIO pins to drive a Servo (3.3V is ok). I don’t want to use the audio.

What GPIO pins can I use and what do I have to do in the Software and Python code?


Hi there, and Welcome.
I would start with the WIKI , look at the
reTerminal DM Getting Started | Seeed Studio Wiki
I won’t deny you of the awesome learning experience ahead of you. :smiley: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
and just blurt out the PIN numbers and Function. It’s all there.
You don’t say, are you wanting the GPIO inside the Reterminal that a rpi compatible?
(further down the page)
and as Luck would have it, A little more further down the WIKI are some code Not sure if it’s python but ask any additional question after you give it an eyeball.
These are 5V logic levels, FYI

That’s a cool device , I don’t have one but may order a standard one without the cameraone for the display size.
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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I have previously looked into the documentation.

The terminal blocks use GPIO24, 25, 26 and 6. And the PWM pins on the Raspberry Pi are GPIO 12, 13, 18, 19 So I can’t use the header and use the pins inside.

The pin GPIO13 is used for the backlight, so I can’t use this one. I don’t want to use Audio and have disabled the audio chip and some others in the config.txt file to get other pins to work. (We use 12 Outputs and 2 Inputs with the internal 40 Pin header).

I just need to know if I should use GPIO 12, 18 or 19 and how to configure them (possibly with boot.txt and Python) to get our servo to work.


Hi there,
Ah’ I see what your trying to do Now.
Yes I would use 12, 18, and 19 because those are the PWM pins left.
Is it raspbian? I saw the “repurpose SPI to GPIO” thread that’s in the ballpark a while back.
Do you have the Utility that shows the GPIO’s?
Gl :slight_smile: PJ