reTerminal DM display not lighting up or showing anything

I have a reTerminal DM, when first delivered a month ago it worked fine and I started on my project. Now I wanted to continue after testing it on Tuesday and on Saturday, the Display showed no light and no picture. I’ve tried multiple forum posts and the official wiki entry to troubleshootand so far all I know is:
-External Displays work
-everything else about the reTerminal seems to operate as expected

basically i’ve narrowed the problem down to the Display itself or some drivers, which i’ve had to comment out in config.txt to get the external Display running

What system are you using? If it’s raspbian os, you can try installing the driver additionally again

I am using Raspbian OS 64-bit. I’ve already reinstalled both drivers and OS multiple times

Hi @Tocix77 ,
It is possible that ili9881d driver is not starting properly. :cry:

Could you send me dmesg log when blank screen?

Here’s a google Drive link, the only way I found to send the whole thing