ReTerminal died on PoE connection?

Does the reTerminal not tolerate being connected to a PoE cable?

I had to reflash my reTerminal, so I removed the E10-1, the heat sink, and performed a flash. After flashing inwas trying to diagnose why the reTerminal did not activate the screen at boot even though it had an illuminated power light and a flashing activity indicator. I was going to SSH into it to look further. Using the PoE that had been connected to thr E10-1, i connected to the pi. The power and activity indicators instantly extinguished. Now the reterminal is completely unresponsive. It will not turn on, my PC does not detect it when connected. It appears dead.

[Edit] I swapped out the CM4 module and have determined that it is specificly the CM4 that is dead. The unit will boot when i put a new module in it.

Connecting a PoE cable to other devices has never been a problem in the past. But it is the only thing i can correlate to the apparent death of this reTerminal.

Hello, according to the normal situation, POE power supply is achieved through the protocol, the protocol matches the power supply to the device, the problem you encountered could be a coincidental phenomenon? I will ask the hardware engineer of seeed.

Have you guys solved this problem already, as now the PoE power option through the Extension board is not working any more!