Reterminal default image

I tried to install the node-red package in the original reterminal OS version. As I had problems doing this installation, I decided to install the RPi OS (from raspberry) and reterminal drivers, following seeed instructions (
Then, I tried again to install the node-red package, but I got the same result (node-red installer stop working at the line “installing node-red”). I want to flash the reterminal with the original image. Does anybody know a link to download such an image?

Any help will be appreciated

I already found the image:

Nevertheless I am still having problem to install node-red (2.1) on reterminal. I am using the recommended node-red command: ```
bash <(curl -sL

As I said in my first message, the node-red installer stop working when it arrives to the line "Install Node-Red core".
Any comment on this issue will be appreciated

It seems to be related with the power supply. I changed to a 3.5 A and so the installation run normally.