reTerminal CM4 I2CTransfer Display Fail

Hi All - I’ve been working to get a reTerminal working again that has been laying around for a while not doing anything, so I decided to get it up and running again. I initially had it working and the display patched when I first got it but something happened and I lost the display. I started going through the procedure again from scratch using the same guide as last time (FAQs for reTerminal Usage | Seeed Studio Wiki) and all was going perfectly,

  1. Disabled reTerminal display in /boot/config, Verified STM32 > 1.7 using:
i2ctransfer -y 1 w2@0x45 0x9b 0x01 

No issues so far…

  1. Downloaded 2022-05-29-reTerminal-V1.9 [STM32G030F6_R2.bin] |
    (Release 2022-05-29-reTerminal-V1.9 · Seeed-Studio/seeed-linux-dtoverlays · GitHub)

  2. The 1.9 firmware package did not include a STM32Flash utility, so I grabbed STM32Flash from V1.8 listed below

  3. Pushed files to device, made STM32Flash executable

  4. Fat fingered the command to make STM32 bootable… :dizzy_face:

i2ctransfer -y 1 w2@0x45 -0x9b 0x01
Error: Invalid data byte
Error: faulty argument is '-0x9b'

Soooo, now even the corrected command consistently returns

i2ctransfer -y 1 w2@0x45 0x9b 0x01
Error: Sending messages failed: Remote I/O error

Rebooted and the system starts fine and seems to operate without issue but its got the same issue when running the command.

Ill admit, I’m a bit new to anything i2c related. Will I need to reflash STM32 firmware some other way? Is it now permaborked? Any advice would be helpful on this <3

It is recommended that you follow the steps to start brushing V1.8 firmware. You can check whether a new version exists on this.

i2cdetect-y 1

If you can see the I2C address 0x56 as the table below, you have the new version (v1.7 or higher) of the STM32 firmware on the board.