reTerminal 40 pin connector keyed backwards

Hard to see, but the orientation notch is oriented towards the screen side. If you plug in a cable with the anti-reverse insertion tab as shown, pin one will be at the wrong end.

Hi, can you tell me the product link of this connector?

Not sure, found the picture on Digi-Key. Adafruit makes a cable designed for the PI, GPIO Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+/Pi 2/Pi 3/Pi 4 [(40 pins)] : ID 1988 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Showed up in my ad feed. H3DDS-4006G Assmann WSW Components | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. Does the wire have no level characteristics? So can’t it be plugged into reTerminal?

It can be plugged in, but the wired marked as Pin 1 will be on the wrong end. As long as you know this and also plug it in backwards on the other end all is good.

I noticed this while frying some components months ago. I made the remarks to Lakshanta and at least the documentation should have the notch in the right way. But It’s not changing the fact that if you use “standard” keyed ribbon cable, it’ll not work at least.
I made me a Reterminal cable by exchanging the notch postion.

Purchasing a double header like:

GeeekPi Micro Connectors Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO 1 to 2 Expansion Board 2 x 20-pin Strip Dual Male Header Double Row Straight GPIO Connector Pin Header Compatible with Raspberry Pi(2Pack)

Double header
May not be the best solution but you should be able to orient the 40 pin cable any way you want. This was helpful also on an RP400!

If the reTerminal pin orientations are the same as the Raspberry pi 400 , SparkFun sells an extender:

SparkFun Qwiic pHAT Extension for Raspberry Pi 400; DEV-17512.

Do not attempt to use this accessory or others that are designed for the Raspberry PI and are properly keyed. They will destroy your attached hardware or even the reTerminal itself.

If you really need such accessories, you can simply cut off the orientation key and install them backwards. A little bit dangerous if you have other makers that have access to your hardware, the immediate reaction will be that you got it backwards. When they “fix” it they will damage your project.

I also have a keyed 40 pin cable from Amazon:

GPIO Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi Male to Female 40pin Breadboard Jumper Wire Computer

After connecting the cable to reTerminal I compared the orientation to a Raspberry Pi pinout drawing and then tested the 5V, 3V and GND pin with my Volt Ohm meter and they were as expected. I did not add any other adapters or connecters.