restore orignal app

Hello, everyone.

I bought a dso203 from amazon and it came as a 2.72 8M unit. Played around with it, loaded gabonator’s app to slot 4, works great, so I thought I would try the community app. Things don’t seem to work. I can’t change the time base, can’t set any options, etc, etc.

So I would like to restore the original app. I thought I found it on JPA’s site and assumed it was b51.hex? Anyway, even after copying it over, the community app still comes up.

How do I restore the original app? If I can’t, I will probably just load gabonator’s code in slot 1.

Thanks, pretty cool little unit for the desktop.


I am going to answer my own question…

Took me a while to find it, but there is a firmware upgrade wiki (duh). On that page was the PA1_V110.HEX firmware which has now restored my unit to working condition on slot 1.

So I assume there is a problem in the community software with 2.72 and 8M units? I wasn’t able to change any options other than vol and back light.

The standard versions of most of the custom apps were built for the original 2MB model and don’t save and restore to the flash properly with the 8MB model. This causes several issues including saving and restoring settings which can lead to mis-operation.

There are versions which can deal with 8MB flash. See the threads on 8MB operation. I’d recommend using the Wildcat version of the community app, the latest version of that is in the community app thread and has several enhancements.