ReSpeaker MicArray v2 & Mac


I’d like to use my new MicArray v2 as a general usb mic device on mac, preprocessed for voice input.

Currently the factory firmware is installed. I see all 6 channels and input works, but the Audio MIDI Setup app cannot control specific channels on the device for me to prioritize channel 0 (processed for voice).

Alternatively I could change the firmware the 1-channel version but the forum recommends not to do this from a Mac - I’m not sure if this means not to update the firmware from a terminal window, which would be my approach.

Is there a way for me to select the correct channel on mac, or change the firmware?


Hi there,

Yes, you can update the firmware to 1 channel firmware and you will get the processed audio.

You can update the firmware on Mac. there is no issue. You can follow below instructions. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-firmware”></LINK_TEXT>

Great, thanks for the answer

Incidentally, for other people viewing this thread, pyusb relies on libusb to be installed on your mac to do the low-level dfu communications with your usb devices. See here <LINK_TEXT text=“ … n-mac-os-x”></LINK_TEXT> on how to do that.