ReSpeaker MicArray V2.0 how to turn LED off?


I tried your Python/USB commands from my Pi 3B+ and it works well. Is there a command to make it permanent? I mean after I power cycle it, all the LEDs stay off(except the power LED, I read you can’t turn it off from Python)?


The system diagram shows the LEDs are controlled through SPI by XFV3000. I guess for their current firmware, the LEDs can’t be turned off without a firmware change.

In my designs, I have a byte in flash/EEPROM with flags to control things like LEDs so there is no need for a new firmware if a user just wants to control the LEDs. A user can change the flash/EEPROM flags in a program similar to your USB/Python interface in RPi.

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Here is the firmware with led off. Hope it can help. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed_off.bin”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks Bill. I tried it and it works :slight_smile:

@bill.yu Is there an updated version (v3) of this special firmware with the lights off by default?
I would really appreciate that!

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