reSpeaker mic array V2 USB with Raspberry PI error

I have Raspberry PI 4B with with ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 (via USB)
it works as basic microphone, but I want to use the module to detect silence and wakeup words. The problem is when I try to use it, the ReSpeaker python library doesn’t work because of bad initialization of PocketSphinx.

Whenever I try to write:
from respeaker import Microphone

I get this error:

ERROR: “cmd_ln.c”, line 146: Unknown argument: vad_threshold
ERROR: “ps_config.c”, line 819: Unknown parameter vad_threshold
ERROR: “ps_config.c”, line 158: Only one of lm, jsgf, fsg, keyphrase, kws, allphone, lmctl, can be enabled at a time in config
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/lib/python3.7/”, line 917, in _bootstrap_inner
File “/usr/lib/python3.7/”, line 865, in run
self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
File “”, line 28, in task
mic = Microphone(quit_event=quit_event)
File “/home/pi/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/respeaker/”, line 104, in init
self.decoder = decoder if decoder else self.create_decoder()
File “/home/pi/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/respeaker/”, line 136, in create_decoder
return Decoder(config)
File “_pocketsphinx.pyx”, line 846, in _pocketsphinx.Decoder.init
RuntimeError: Failed to initialize PocketSphinx