ReSpeaker Mic Array v2 Standalone

I would like to use the ReSpeaker Mic Array v2 as a standalone mic. In other words, instead of transmitting the 1 channel firmware processed audio over UAC 1.0 to a computer and then piping that back over USB to playback out of the 3.5mm jack (which is possible) I would like to just do it internally on the Mic Array (capture audio -> process -> play processed audio over 3.5mm jack). How can I do this?

Thank you!

Hi there,

it is required to change the firmware to achieve this function. if there is big order, we can do the customization. thanks.

I am a student trying to develop a better car mic for personal use, not a company. However I do know there are others in my car community that would be interested. If you are willing to help by pointing me at some source code I can work with or other I would be happy to come up with a how-to for others that could lead to more sales for you.

Hi there,

the firmware is not open source, we signed a NDA with XMOS. thanks for understanding.