ReSpeaker Mic Array V2 recording noise


I posted this before but still cannot solve the issue.

I connected the ReSpeaker Mic Array V2 from the bottom pins to a Raspberry Pi 3B+. All works fine but I notice the recording has an audible noise. See the attached spectrogram: the noise is shown as the horizontal lines as multiples of 1kHz.

If I connect the Mic Array via the micro USB port, the situation is slightly better but it seems to depend on the USB cable. In the end I found a very short USB cable and used to connect the mic array via the micro USB port, the noise disappeared.

I need to connect the Mic Array from the bottom as the micro USB port is in the way. Any suggestions, please?

micarray noise.png

Hi there,

We updated the firmware and you can delete your local one and download the latest one, burn to your xmos. Hope it can solve the issue. thanks.

[code]sudo apt-get update
sudo pip install pyusb click
git clone
cd usb_4_mic_array
sudo python --download 6_channels_firmware.bin # The 6 channels version

if you want to use 1 channel,then the command should be like:

sudo python --download 1_channel_firmware.bin[/code]


I have tested the new firmware but the interference noise is still there when using a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

The noise seems to be caused by the Pi as when tested on a Mac computer there is no interference noise.

Any advice on using it with a Raspberry Pi? I have purchased four Mic-Array V2 boards and all have the same issue. Please help.



Hi Ning~

Please try below instructions. thanks.

  1. change to another usb cable
  2. change to another raspberry pi usb port
  3. change to another raspberry pi