Respeaker Mic Array V2 breaking sound card drivers in Linux system. Other mic arrays do not do this

Hello. I used the Respeaker Mic Array V2 in my Android project, and on boot, as I described in this thread Respeaker Mic Array V2 breaking drivers on SBC - #3 by Lloyd_Hussell , the Respeaker Mic Array V2 was not being picked up when plugged in on boot. Well, there seems to be something going wrong at initialisation with the mic itself at the time of boot. So I bought another mic array, and it properly initialises in the 0th index.
The Android OS will iterate through the card drivers then when initialising an AudioRecord object, but the 0th index not being there, it caught an exception.
I do think this should be looked in on your side as well, to avoid this kind of issue occurring with any future customers. If you need any help with repro steps, you can ask. But it should be as simple as connecting it to an Android device on boot.