ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.1 still under production?

In the following wiki page, it is written that ReSpeaker is discontinued.

But it doesn’t say that ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.1 is discontinued.
Is ReSpeaker series still under production? Or any successor version of ReSpeaker is still under development?

I’m asking because we are currentlye planning to make an AI mic product using ReSpeaker, and may need to purchase thousands of devices in the future. I want to know if it is still manufactured.

I’m glad to tell you that in fact this product has not been discontinued, there is still stock (very little), just because the sale is too small so “stopped production”, but if the product needs a large number of times, SeeedStudio will still produce, there is no need to worry. Later versions of Respeaker are no longer in development, but are still supported

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Hi Jostar:

Nice to hear that ReSpeaker can still be produced!!
We will continue developing our product, and may come back to you guys later.
Thanks for reply!