Respeaker Mic Array V2.0 beamforming

Hi there,

I just bought a Respeaker Mic Array V2.0 and I realized it can only do one DOA and one beam at a time. Is it possible to update the firmware to handle multiple beam at the same time? (lets say max. 4 beams)


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Hello Tomy,

I’m also trying to do the same thing, but I haven’t had any luck.
I was actually wondering if you have the 6ch firmware working properly? My board is not doing the voice extraction, it is only summing the raw data onto channel0, and ch 5 has nothing.

Do you happen to know how to fix this?

Hello Jul,
the firmware worked at some way, but not satisfying at all. So I tried to make a custom firmware, but I failed since this board is not design as a open platform to make this kind of things (according to my limited knowledge). After this I have contacted the tech support, as I wanted to cooperate with them to help me to customize the board and the firmware as their website said they have this kind of service (to be honest I would even pay for it) but they have answered that they cannot help me at all. So totally disappointed about the company… (I hope they will read this at least)
If you can make progress regarding this, let me know, I am interested! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply tomy. I’ll keep you posted.