Respeaker is not available via bluetooth

Hi there, please help me about Bluetooth issue.

Today the device is arrived, based on your instruction wifi is configured well, but the Bluetooth is not working.

Here is the commands:

Of course at the end there was


And now the device is not available on my Android:

Thank you in advanced!


there is something wrong:

Hi there:

cd /lib/systemd/system/

Find the file “brcm.service”,Change the inside bcm43438a0.hcd to bcm43438a1.hcd,And then reboot

This is a current Firmware bug. This will be fixed in the next firmware update.

Thank you, connection is OK I can connect to “Respeaker-20C7” device.

Can I use Respeaker as a Bluetooth speaker. I would say, “Respeaker, Bluetooth” or “Respeaker, pair,” to begin pairing? - after the first pairing the Respeaker knows my device and can run the music player on Android and can play music, what I want it.

Hi there:

Your idea is very good, theoretically can be achieved, but the code yourself to complete.