Respeaker driver status on Raspberry?


After reading that forum, it looks like Respeaker is currently unusable on Raspberry PI due to compatibility issues between drivers supplied by Seeed and new Raspbian kernels. Problem is there since months and so far from what I have read no solution so far from Seeed neither alternative that are working. I tried the alternative repo made by a guy but that one is no more working with latest releases of raspbian.
When I contact tech support of Seeed they tell me to check on forums :frowning:
What choice do we have now ? Bin all respeakers boards and find a better supplier that supports more in the time its products ? or that is natively supported by Linux ?
I don’t understand also why these drivers have not been integrated in Linux kernel since the time ? it would have been a lot more efficient way to support the software side of Respeakers…

Thanks for any ideas on how to use these boards as I’m really sad not to be able to recycle them to use with Rhasspy (now that I had to remove all my Snips system that is a dead project now !).


Someone from Seeed Studio on that ? or Respeaker line is dead ?? :frowning: