Respeaker Core V2 and HermesLedControl

I’ve upgraded to buster my RCv2 to install and use rhasspy. Everything is working fine. Now I’m trying to use the pixel ring led. I’ve found the project HermesLedControl that will fullfill my needs but it fails. Does somebody succeeded to use the pixel ring with the HeresLedControl or with another way ?

Many thanks in advance

Hello Jean-Yves, I’m trying to do the same thing, update my RC v2 to buster, but it seems I have a few problems. I would like to know, how did you do it ? Did you change kernel in the process ? Thanks in advance.

Hello Maxime,

To upgrade to buster, the way I use is quite normal

  • modify source.list file by changing stretch to buster
  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • apt dist-upgrade
  • reboot

I’ve installed rhasspy in docker but fail with hermesledcontrol. The problems was with mraa that does not exist on buster…

After several tries, I’ve go back…

Now, I’ve my RCv2 on stretch with rhasspy in docker with an external MQTT broker. For the pixel ring, I use to animate it.

I’ve deployed hermesledcontrol with success on a RPI3 with a respeaker2.

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First we put the image that we are given. This is Debian 9. After that, you need to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10 according to this instruction