Respeaker 6-mic circular array issue

I’m having an issue integrating the Respeaker 6mic circular array kit into a Pi-TopCEED. The Pi-Top Speakers install fine, and seeed-voicecard drivers install fine as well. As soon as I try to record anything in audacity or by running the command:
</s>arecord -Dac108 -f S32_LE -r 16000 -c 8 a.wav<e>

the RPi turns off, and when I try to turn it back on again, it immediately shuts down on login. I’ve confirmed by using Pi-TopPULSE and additional speakers that it’s not the Pi-Top hardware, but only after installing the seeed-voicecard drivers does this happen. Any ideas?

Hi there

Please try below 2 things,

  1. please connect the 6 mic to raspberry directly without any other devices. then boot the raspberry pi and see any issue.
  2. here is the pins that 6 mic using. please see any conflict with you current configuration. thanks.

    best rgds