Respeaker 6-mic array and hat using chip select?

I would like to use additional SPI device (RGB LED strips) alongside the Respeaker, but it doesn’t look like it obeys CE0/1 chip select. They are shown as unused in the pinout I found. Can anyone confirm this? Or, can anyone think of a way to disable the SPI connection the leds on the array, so I could scavenge the SPI used by them? (maybe it’s as simple as not enabling them and just using that SPI device anyway)



Hi Max

we have the led-en pin and you can set the gpio as LOW to turn off the leds. thanks.

Awesome. I will assume that if I drive the led-en pin low, that I can use pins 19 and 23 as MOSI and CLK for my LED strips.

Tangent question: I have ordered a PHAT stack to break out the 40-pin header and make it convenient to attach other devices, but in the short term, any advice on tapping into those pins, short of soldering wires to the underside of the Pi? (that’s what I am going to do on Friday as I have a deadline, and will replace that hack with the more appropriate PHAT stack when it arrives)

Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!