Respeaker 4mic array usb set up

Hello. I recently bought a Respeaker 4mic array usb for rasberry pi3B. I want to use it for my voice assistant. My problem is that when I speak close to mic (1 meter) everything is fine. But when I speak to it from more than 1 meter distance it detects the wake up word but after that it does not understands any of my commands. Because I can see my commands on my screen I see that it confuses the words eg I say “Play Rebel FM” and it hears “Play heaven FM”. Is there any settings I should apply to reduce that problem? Please keep in mind that I am not a developer so keep your reply as simple as you can. Thank you in advance.

Hi, the range of reSpeaker fine performance should be under 1 meter, and it may be a little confused for it detecting between 1m and 3m. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok but if this is true I could use my 10euro mic and not buy a 60euro one. Nevermind. It is a lesson for next purchase. Thank you for your reply.