ReSpeaker 4 mic array: Using SPI for other hardware

I’m looking to build a voice application and the 4 mic array caught my eye. I am wanting to use this in combination with a screen that is connected over SPI, and I was wondering if that is possible.

From what I see, the respeaker only uses SPI to control the LEDs, which I can do without. Can I just not use the leds and run my own wires to the SPI pins to connect the screen? Or if there shouldn’t be a connection to SPI from the respeaker, can I just make sure those pins on the respeaker do not connect with the Pi board?

Thanks a lot for any pointers you can give me here!


Hi, did you try this out and get it working? I have a Inky Impression display and I’d like to add on one of the ReSpeakers to the same Pi but I see I2C and GPIO10 (SPI0 MOSI) conflict according to the pinouts:

It seems like for both devices I2C might just be pass through. Is it possible to use the SPI0 MOSI pin for both?