ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry Pi audio quality?

Hi guys, just got my respeaker today, followed the instructions, everything seems to be working but I do have one question.

It’s short but it’s representative of all audio I record on the device -

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … BraPty7MWV”></LINK_TEXT>

Should the audio be this quiet? Should it also be this noisy? I was quite surprised that its this bad! I have an el-cheapo usb mic for my pc which sounds better.

This is recorded from around probably 0.7m, I don’t think the volume would be such an issue if it weren’t so noisey.

Could this unit be defective?

Bonus questions -

  • Can I get any more example code for custom LED patterns? Without any comments on the couple of included demos, I’m a bit stuck

  • Is there any way to re-enable HDMI audio while still using the respeaker?

    Thanks very much.

Hi again,

Just an update, I’ve found that the power supply definitely matters, so I’ve ordered the official Pi one to reduce 1khz noise. I think there could also be addtional noise caused by the proximity of the mics to the rest of the board, so I’m going to buy an extension chord to I can put some distance between the Pi and the HAT.

Still, this aside, is what you hear on my recording typical of what to expect on the mics?

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy direct from you guys. from a reseller on amazon so if I need a replacement, I’ll just deal it with via them :slight_smile:

5 days and not a single official response? That’s really poor customer support, and I’ve seen this on other user threads, near non existent customer service. I expect an apology without an actual answer like everyone else seems to get.

OK, forget the audio quality, I’ll deal with that separately with some additional software, what I and I think anyone else who purchases this board will want is examples. You do have some, I have them installed and working and I do have a basic understanding of python.

The real issue is that nothing is commented at all in the examples! As you can make literally anything in python a variable, I have no idea what the said variables relate to, therefore can’t pick up how to manually program the LEDs! I think this is what everyone else is wanting too.

I’m sure you still have contact with the dev who put the code together? Is there any chance that they could take an hour or so, simply commenting the sample code? This will make leaning infinitely easier.


my Respeaker 4 mic hat does not have such noise. But I have met the same problem on my ipad when I charge it with the unstable power supply in my school library. So I guess maybe there is some problem with your power supply. Could you please switch another one and try to see if there is still a noise?

Please tell me what final results do you need, maybe I can tell you which variable to modify.

Sometimes there is an awkward silence in the forum, so pls send emails to seeed directly when you need a quick response.