ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT CAD model

Is the cad model available for the ReSpeaker Pi Hat? I’m trying to design a prototype case around it.

Hi @forest
Here is the ReSpeaker 2 Mics Pi HAT 3D.

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can you share .stl or .obj please

Hi @umsaenga
The last version of Sketchup has the option directly to export to OBJ file.
File Menu -> export -> 3D Model -> Then select from the dropdown of extensions the OBJ.

unfortunately I don’t have account and cannot export, can you do it

SketchUp was a great option for this kind of thing when Google owned it because it was easily available to everyone. Now Trimble locks many of their features, including exporting more widely supported file formats, for paid versions only. I second the request for a more widely supported file format, preferably .obj or .step.