ReSpeaker 2 Mic & Pi ZeroW - 2 problems getting to work

HI. the 2 issues I have faced so far.

  1. Using Raspbian-Stretch, when I run the seeed-voicecard ./ - I get error:
    There is not enough space left (20MB) on /boot at least (25MB) needed.

I thought Raspbian was supposed to resize the boot sector as needed.

  1. When I install a PIOS Buster image I can get past the previous issue, however when I get to:
    aplay -l , yes can see the devices, however
    arecord -l does not show any mic devices.

Frustrating, I have loaded and tried many various Pi Images to no avail.

I had the same issue - try this (pretty hacky but it worked):

cd seeed-voicecard
sudo nano

In Line 21 change “$MIN_BOOT_SPC” to “21

sudo ./
sudo reboot