Respeaker 2-mic Pi HAT - Grove connection with LCD screen

Hi every one,

I tried to connect a I2C 16x2 blue LCD screen with the grove port without success.
The screen is not “grove-ready” so I used an adaptator type “grove to 4 wire”.
I detect the screen on the I2C interface but it seems it is not enough powered, there is light but it is dimmer and the blue square do not appear, even when increasing the brightness with the potentiometer.
The screen is working well with I2C when not connected to the respeaker board.

Any idea of how I can go forth with that ?

Thank you all !

Should be the power shortage, LCD can be extra power supply? Or use a more powerful power adapter.

Thanks for your answer.
I have tried powering the respeaker board with usb, but same problem. How can I supply the lcd with extra power ?