Respeaker 2 Mic PHAT Switching Audio out on the fly

HI all, I have just finished setting up this on an RPI0 W and its great!

My question is,

Is it possible to use both the 3.5mm and the JST audio outs simultaneously or is it possible to use snowboy or IFTTT or something else to develop a command to switch the audio output? or would a switch or push button on the GPIO pins need to be implemented similar to some of the “EZ SAFE RPI SHUTDOWN SWITCH” things. Ive got it built into a 3d printed case with 2 speakers and a 25x2w amp for use with general responses, however, being a amateur audiophile, I also have a rather intense home audio system that I would like to feed an audio line from the google home into. Its just far to strong to check the weather int he morning, not to mention waking the entire house with a thunderous “55% CHANCE OF RAAAIIIINN!!!” Lol( Exaggerated for dramatic effect).

Thanks for the help!

AG Woolard