Respeaker 2-mic hat period of production

Hi, I want to know about Respeaker 2-mic period of production.

Because, I heard a news that Respeaker 2-mic will be end of production.

So… Is it right??

We’re still producing, and as far as I know we’ll be producing for the next five years. @player1584

That’s good news!!

I designed some product using Respeaker 2 mic.

So, It is very important issue.

But, Can you check a information that period of production to guarantee??


I’m not sure if I can find the date of production. The date of production of electronic equipment is not always important.

Um… I mean that is Product production period for supply not date of production.

I have a demonstration using our board that is prototype.

If end or stop of product manufacturing process then I can not use our designed product.

We will not stop the supply of this product.Unless the chip of this product is out of stock.You can sign the relevant supply agreement with your corresponding sales. @player1584